Great about Writing . . .

When it comes to writing about something, it always feels good to know that writing itself does not require sound to create the conveyance of ideas, thoughts, or concepts.  Writing, not speaking, is the greatest mode of communication ever invented by humans!  Sound is already part of us the moment we were born, starting with yelling and crying, so it was not invented, but rather innate.  To think how a letter, later a word, then later a sentence, were formed over many years before the rules were set in to standardize how we should write.

If it had not been for writing, I would have almost no way of effectively and fluently communicating with most of you, for I am different from most of you, if not all of you, and, in fact, I am a deaf person.  I do not hear low form of sound like conversational sounds, blowing winds, etc.; I, however, am able to hear loud sounds like motorcycle, sirens, loud music, etc.  I rely upon books, newspapers, internet blogs, closed captions on television screens, etc., have been helping me with keeping abreast with whatever is going on in the world.  There is no such thing as ‘living in the silent world’, for I, as well as other deaf persons, do have the ability to witness the ever-lasting turbulence of our current world through our eyes rather than our ears.

Regarding the importance of writing on a daily basis, deaf people need to continue every effort to read and write at all times, since our first language is American Sign Language (ASL) while English is our second language.  We do not acquire English as easily as those who are not deaf (I talk about people in the United States); we have come a long way before we are able to take command of English when we are well into our adulthood.  As a note of interest and information, those non-deaf people who take American Sign Language as a foreign language have some difficult time learning ASL.  Deaf people acquire ASL and learn English while non-deaf people acquire English and learn ASL.  One needs to understand the difference between ‘acquiring’ a language and ‘learning’ a language.

Deaf people are highly appreciative of being easily capable of expressing themselves through writing.  Now that we are not lost in the world of sound, non-deaf people should begin to stop feeling pitiful toward deaf people and stop thinking that deaf people live in a blight place, for we continue to live and function as well as many well-functioning non-deaf people.

In short, there is no difference between deaf and non-deaf people in terms of how we are thinking.  Yes, we are all the same kind of a thinking animal.





About rayparksjr

Being a deaf person myself, I have been and am continuously focusing on strengthening my position as an advovate for the Deaf Community in terms of better education for deaf children and also better political advancements and further human rights for deaf people. For my sanctuary, I am maintaining my own hobbies: Photography and Stamp Collecting.
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